770 represent represent

I remember listening to The Roots in high school and almost packing up all my stuff so that I could move to philly and hold down my very own 215 area code as my number (I mean, “All the Way Live From 215”, man). I was not aware of an address that held any more weight that the Roots’ 215. It was just so well represented throughout their entire catalogue. Fast forward a few years and itt was the numbers 7 7 0 that started to creep into my circle, and not only did this number represent and house the Rebbe and all the followers from around the world coming to get closer to his presence in Brooklyn, but it has been duplicated in countries and cities around the globe. I’m thinking people had that same idea of moving and then decided not to and then all the sudden had an epiphany. “What if they repped the 7 7 0 in their city?” They did just that, check these 770 branded structures around the globe…


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