A Night with BSS

Not sure how many of yall are hip to Blanket Statmentstein (Back From The UK with Swedish Design), but they are a motley group of O’s and XO’s (which means Orthodox and Ex Orthodox Jews). They play 90’s style rock mixed with electronic and hipster parody. Lastnight they played two parties that were filled with like minded souls and hipsters. What went down was all in a nights work and something more common in say Mike Places off Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem and not so much in Greenpoint, Brooklyn’s Polish neighborhood.

Click video titles below to view them on youtube.

1. Breslov Nachman Disco Dancing
2. Blanket Statementstein SILENCE/EXPLOSION
3. MC Sage freestyles over Rappers Delight from Mike of BSS
4. Breslov Nachman Disco Dancing pt. 2

or go directly to youtube.com/shemspeed
Photos on Flickr.com/shemspeed


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