apc4428The Next Shemspeed group is going to sound exactly like one of our favorite groups from back when Radiohead was still on MTV with weird videos, Anti Pop, baby!
ch-ch-ch-eck it: Ah, alternative rap. Is there any other genre that can get so many people excited while also pissing off just as many others? Probably, but don’t tell Anti-Pop Consortium, the New York City threesome (foursome if you count its producer) that has been cranking out its brand of glitch-hop beat poetry since 1997. The Anti-Pop guys are back with their first true LP since 2002’s Arrhythmia, and judging by this five-minute mix, things happily haven’t changed much. Fluorescent Black (Warp/Big Dada) is out October 13, but until then, keep this mix of tracks from the album on hand.

“5 Minute Mix” (download):

“Born Electric” (download):

“Volcano (Four Tet Remix)” (download):


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