Appalling Braun

We saw this on and remembered this dude Braun who goes by the name Apollo. Which is fitting if you ever meet him. Anyway, he came to the Balagan Boogaloo SMF event last year and slapped his CD on DJ Balagan and me (Diwon) and begged us to play his wacked homo-erotic (not that there is anything wrong with that) version of Hava Nagila. Well, I heard that version and its actually pretty cool. I have it on a 12″ (also fitting…eeewww gross…) … record. The B-side is a song with the chorus of, “there’s a party in my pants and everyone’s invited”. Which I think is pretty much this guys mantra. Anyway, we didn’t play the song (sorry Apollo). Now to the Heeb post….”What do Heeb Magazine and American Idol have in common? Neither do extensive background checks. Case in point: last year’s Heeb100 fashion honoree Apollo Braun. In a horiffic incident in Union Square yesterday, a white woman wearing Braun’s “Obama is My Slave” shirt (retail price, $69) was physically attacked by four other women. Naturally, the white chick blames Braun because he sold her the shirt—without a warning label that its creator was a moron, evidently.” check here


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