Asher Roth, Mr. Thanksgiving

PhotobucketI think everyone should check Asher Roth on thanskgiving…not that there is any connection. it’s just that, that is what I am doing right now and I feel like everyone should do what I do. If you click the flier ot the left, you could download his mixtape Free and f you go to Matisyahu’s Festival of Light on Saturday night Dec 27th @ Music Hall (which will be giving out tickets to!), you will see him open for Matis. That to me seems very random. If you listen to “I Love College” (check his myspace) you will notice two things. 1. He is a mix of Eminem and Weezer and 2. the content does not fit Matisyahu’s brining the light down aesthetic at all. Oh well, that’s what happens when you on a major label. give up somethings and get many other things.

– Guy Emanuel

oh p.s. after you download the mix listen to the second track, “Roth BOYS”, they call him Mr. Thanksgiving..also on the 4th…so there you go. Happy Mr. Thanksgiving!


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