BANGS wil Take U To Da Movies

We have been sending this around our office like hot potato pancakes and figured we should just post it here so you could see it!
Bangs, a 19 year old Sudanese rapper who now lives in Melbourne. He has an album called Hard 2 Be Up which you could get a taste of at his YouTube channel. His interviews are pretty entertaining and awesome how all of them say, “first interview” on them. When i sent this to Jake Break, he replied, “that pretty much sums up how an entertainment industry influences. and how impressionable foreigners are to American mainstream rap. ” I would have to agree and say, it’s awesome when you can’t tell if the person is making fun of American rap, himself or is just genuinely doing there thing and trying so hard to do so that it comes off like an SNL digital short. Well, either-way this video is genius in a million diff ways and the melody is catchy as hecht. He seems like a nice dude and I hope that he doesn’t get hurt when he finally realizes that 95% of his youtube views are people laughing at and not with him, but he is young and the melody shows promise….so who knows, maybe he be like Chingy and get that fresh flow and get famoooous!

– Guy Emanuel

p.s. get your Shabs grind on with this Israeli Hip Hop Remix:


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