Beatsie Boys; They Coming Home

That’s not a typo and if you are down than you know that the boys got crowned that name from Biz Markie when he repeatedly called em the Beatsie Boys even on “Check Your Head”. I still remember going nutz listening to “Funky Boss” on the way to work. I was and still am so into the Beasties. I have tapes of them from when I used to hear about an upcoming appearance and would sit at my TV finger on the record button. I still stop anytime I see them on TV. I don’t know what it is. maybe its the “these are the coolest freakin Jews in the world” type of thing, maybe not but either way they got me in a trance. I didn’t think that they or I would still be into the whole thing so many years later, but when you check this performance and see that Adrock actually looks, acts and sounds the same as he did 15 years ago, you see that they ain’t stoppin anytime soon. I mean, I bet any amount that if you bump into him on the street and ask to take a picture with him he would break into hip hop stance or throw his hands out holding a slanted peace sign towards the camera. They really are and will forever be Beastie BOYS.

– Erez Safar


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