Beniton & Shi360 the “Recession” Remix

Whoever was at our Shemspeed party at South paw last October caught a special guest surprise, which was the incredible Beniton (collaborator of Maxi Preist, DeScribe and Shi360 among some amazing other world famous artists) and Shi360 himself (click here, to check the videos from that show). Whoever wasn’t at the show probably heard Beniton’s “Recession” song on the interwebs or Hot97. If you haven’t now is your chance to hear Shi360’s remix, click play on the left and let us know what you think. Lot’s more to come from all these artists on Shemspeed….

המיתון עדיין כאן אבל החגיגה נמשכת!!! שי (360) בשת”פ בינלאומי עם אומן
הרגאיי בניטון.


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