Bored to Death

Remember Zach Galifianakis from those clips with Sarah Silverman and then all the sudden he became this hilarious and famous movie star with his role in “The Hangover”? Well, he is now teaming up with my personal favorite person, Jason Shwartzman, who I bumped into on 8th street and handed a slew of Shemspeed CDs to only to find out that he is actually a musician as well. He goes under the name “Cocunut Records” for his solo stuff which sounds like a mix of The Shins and The Beatles. Anyway, his new show “Bored to Death” throws Shwartzman at center stage playing hte part of Jonathan Ames, who I have alos bumped into a lot, mostly trying to avoid his Mangina routine. I have only read his “My Less Than Secret Life”, but yea. He likes running around with that character and sleepin with weird weird people. He is a nut and now there will be a show about him. If you want to know how nutty he is email him ( and then watch him get knifed, here…or just watch how Kanye made an ingenius viral video to look like it was a weirdo fan who filmed himself in the hopes that his weirdness would spiral into fame. (here).

– Erez Safar


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