Broken Bells Test Their New Album With Kids

Shemspeed’s new obsession is now Broken Bells. When two of your favorite peoples team up without you having to throw big money at them, it’s a great little gift and James Mercer’s “The Shins” was just so great, We still see Natalie Portman with her walkmen on every time we listen to their music. What could be better than James teaming up with Brian (Danger Mouse)? after his Sparklehorse record which reminded us of our very own Dreams in Static, we were curious what would be next, the producer has already blown the music world away many times over. Remember, the Gray Album? The Beatles and Jay-Z mash up record which chnaged laws and styles in the industry, then he produced a Gorillaz record, a Beck record a MF Doom cartoon release. He is bringing class, themes, analogue sounds and the importance of an ‘album’ back to the world. Check him and James testing their debut record with some kids in the UK. (above)


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