Camouflage, it’s Hot This Season!

In case you didn’t know that Camouflage was hot this season, Tim Fite’s here to school you. Fite is one of those rare artists that could blend opposing genres to create a cohesive sound that’s all his own. He has a certain fascination with guns and social value systems that can be found in his music, art and the illustrated stories he also creates. He’s known for using samples from long-forgotten records to create his mixed-genre approach to music, on his album, “Gone Ain’t Gone” (one of our favorites), he set the self-imposed limit of using only samples from records bought for less than a dollar. Back in the early 2000s, Fite was in the hip hop group, Little-T and One Track Mike who also featured
Daniel Saks of DeLeon who performs at our Annual Sephardic Music Festival (look out for the next one this December in NYC followed by future fests in L.A. and Mexico City, where DeLeon is currently living!) In short, we love Tim Fite and if you missed our last post on the prolific producer/mc, click here (only if you really wanna).


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