Charlie Buttons

PhotobucketI’ve been meaning to write about the famous Charlie Buttons from crown heights. If you aren’t familiar with Charlie, he is the Chabadnik who is at literally each and every simcha. I’m talking about every wedding, every bris, every l’chaim. And in the Crown Sizzle there are tons and tons of these simchas everyday and night. So I’m not sure it makes sense that he could physically be at each one. But more than that, it would be impossible for him to actually know about each. Or that is what I thought. Then I got married and he was at all of my simchas. Ok, so my wife’s fam is hard core Chabad so maybe his knowing about our simchas isn’t out of the question. I was left thinking that maybe it is possible that he just checks (chabad’s gossip girl). This answers the “why” he knows about a lot of the events, but now the “how” he actaully is present at all of them. What made me blog this tonight is that my friend had a shalom zachur this past friday night. He is not at all in the velt (Chassidic world) and only his 4 close friends knew about it, so there is no way that Charlie could know since it wasn’t anywhere near or announced at a shull or anything of the sort. So, I said, “bet Charlie didn’t make it to that one.” 😉 He replied, “actually, at 11:30 there was a load knock at the door, I thought it was one of the couple dudes I told about the Shalom Zachur and when I looked down, it was Charlie!”

I thought, ok, I’m going to not tell anyone about my next simcha and see if he shows, if he does than you know its some higher power and if that doesn’t work I will throw a fake simcha and if he doesn;t show to that, than it’s official. Dude is not from this world.
(photo above is of Charlie Buttons with Frum Satire…guess who is who)


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