Comedy 4 Charity & Brian Wilson..

There is a lot of stuff going on in NYC tonight. Brian Wilson is playing a free show in Coney Island. It doesn’t get better than that, but if you aren’t a Beach Boys fan than you got two other good options as we see it. 1. The last Frantic Turtle show ever at Parkside Lounge. and 2. A Jewish Comedy Night which will raise funds for a Children’s Hospital. As far as the line up goes, we have not figured out if Sarah Silverman is actually going to perform or not. All of their promotions contridict each other. Here is what they got so far.
“Last year’s show sold-out. This year’s show promises to be even better! Just $15 to get in, and it all goes to the children’s hospital programs!

See top Comics from:
Sarah Silverman! Sex and the City! Leno! Letterman! Conan! Comedy Central!
See Comics:
Todd Barry! Josh Spears! Sandy Marks! Taylor Williamson! Geoff Cole! Erik Braunstein! +++ MORE +++

and then from Frantic Turtle’s Jake Marmer, “As some of you may know, I’m heading out to Israel for a year, starting August. So we’re opening the sabbatical in style: with the big all-out improv Frantic Turtle show with Anthony Plekhov on keys, Jeremy Danneman on sax, Kas on bass, and me on jazz-head notecards. Following that, a kick-ass free jazz set from a newly formed old-timer-meets-new-blood band, featuring: Jeremy Danneman- sax, David First- guitar, Daniel Carter- horns, Alon Nechushtan- keys, David Miller-drums/percussion. Daniel Carter is of William Parker / Thurston Moore / Yo La Tengo fame and Alon is the founding member of Talat. Should be a great night. NO COVER!” For the NYers, let us know which you choose.


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