Confession of a Gay Jewish Rapper

This video, which has received over 100 thousand views in less than a day, is epic and this note that we received below is awesome.


Since I first heard “Change” I have been a big fan. I have since collected every track of yours I could get my hands on. You have been and continue to be a great and welcome influence and inspiration to my spiritual and religious life. It’s generally not in my nature to write letters like this, but after the “Out” article, it was important to me to let you know that there are still fans who have loved you and will continue to do so unchanged.

Anyway, that’s the feeling of one white, straight, Traditional/Conservadox boy, who credits you and other Shemspeed artists with helping to rekindle his Jewish joy and pride. I wish you only simcha and can’t wait for your next album!

With much love,


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