Death of Matisyahu’s Juicer

Behold the video of the death of Matisyahu’s juicer. The first 2 minutes of this video installment is alright, but its right after that when his wife, Tahli, steps in that it gets pretty funny and even cute. The video cuts to Tahli playing a toy wind instrument with sounds of mourning for the death of the famed Ginger & Jewified Juicer which has been the subject of much of Matis’ new video blogs. Tahli confesses or perhaps boasts that she had the last juice, but to fret not since she has an old back up from her parents and that it could be used until they get a new juicer. Trevor Hall consoles Tahli’s husband with a hug and you catch a little glimpse of some wholesome good backstage-ness that is not exactly what they generally show on MTV, but then again Matisyahu isn’t like any of the other artists on MTV, he has a juicer.


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