DeScribe opens a community studio!

DeScribe’s latest community service project, check back for more community service projects from members of the Shemspeed Foundation.

EXCLUSIVE: Jewish rapper DeScribe and Aliya Director Rabbi Moshe Feiglin are opening a music and entertainment center in Crown Heights.

By COLlive reporter

A new music and entertainment center, which still has not been named, will be opening in the coming week or so in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights.

It will include a fully equipped recording studio, workshops on writing music, photography and video filming, has learned.

Housed in the Aliya youth institute at 525-527 East New York Avenue, it is a collaboration between the director Rabbi Moshe Feiglin and Lubavitch rapper Shneur Hasofer, aka DeScribe.

“The center will provide an opportunity for our youth to develop new skills and talents and empower them to give back to the community,” Australian-born Feiglin told

He and DeScribe, an Australian too, are in talks with professionals and have recently visited Columbia University’s WKCR 89.9FM station.

They will be renting out the studio to engineers who work with some of today’s Jewish talent, such as MBD, Lipa Schmeltzer, Yaakov Shwekey and Gad Elbaz.

Their names were not provided as agreements are not final.

“Our youth will be able to watch them at work and learn,” DeScribe said. “We are offering locals to schedule in advance free studio time and assistance. Everything is at our disposal.”

Feiglin said he hopes to stir teenagers and older youth to visit his center which includes a shul, gym (for men and women), classes and farbrengens.

Aliya is credited with “reaching inwards,” working with Crown Heights youth which has not fit into the yeshiva system mold.

“When I first discovered Aliya, I found a place of warmth, acceptance, and connection to growth which provided truly non judgmental opportunities for advancement in Yiddishkeit and in the world at large,” DeScribe says.

“It was the kind of place I wish I had when I was growing up. I left home at 14 and later joined the IDF at 17. A place like this could have really helped me. This is what attracted me to Aliya,” he added.

Said Feiglin: “Shneur’s collaboration with Aliya on this amazing project will help us provide a whole new variety of opportunities to our youth and will definitely take us all to the next level.”

As DeScribe is “living the dream,” recording and performing with well-known artists, he says he wants “to give others the chance, as I have the knowledge and equipment.

He sees the center’s target crowd as children from all backgrounds, and says he is in touch with Mashpiim on how to run the place in a spiritual manner.

“The youth today find it harder to connect. They are energetic, creative and hyperactive. Many are spending their free time – and even school time – on the streets.”



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