Rapping with redeeming words of struggle and redemption is the unmistakable sound of DeScribe. The observant Jew is opening the eyes of all religions and races to a new sound, successfully intertwining spirituality with the street. DeScribe’s unique soul-searching melodies, fused with bass-heavy hip hop and reggae beats, are pulsating and vibrant.

Born in Australia, DeScribe left home for Israel at the age of 14. He then joined the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), where he was trained as a sharp shooter. He served three years with the IDF before immersing himself in Israel's music culture, organizing tours for artists and showcasing international talent in Israel which included members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Following the strict teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, DeScribe views music as a medium to awaken the human soul and has amassed a following built on his street credibility and religious life. Featured on the CBS documentary "Faith, Music, & Culture" (2009), DeScribe takes his music as a direct mission from above.

DeScribe’s other recent accolades include a two-page spread in the NY Daily News and an exclusive interview on the Daily Buzz morning news show which reaches 70 million viewers. He has also captivated audiences internationally through online media including Youtube and blogs. His music videos -- which include Harmony, Change, and Make It -- have garnered over half a million views online. Coupled with the fluid media buzz are dozens of live performances at venues like the Lincoln Center and Universal Studios CityWalk.

Most recently, DeScribe collaborated with Matisyahu on "Pure Soul," an uplifting dancehall track for kids with special needs. They've shown him a pure love of life not often seen in the world, and with his musical toolkit, DeScribe paints a picture of children full of courage and joy in spite of tremendous adversity. “You light up the room like a fire/ cause you’re from way up high,” he sings. DeScribe also collaborated with Rohan Marley (Bob Marley's son) after a chance encounter on the streets of New York City, which resulted in "Livin’ for the Grind" – the theme song for Marley Coffee.

Captivating an international audience with his potent mixture of Hip Hop, Reggae, and R&B, Describe’s diverse musical influences include Cypress Hill, Drake, K'NAAN and Damian Marley. He continues to gain interest from major label A&Rs and is now booking a national tour. With a highly anticipated album slated for release in the early fall, DeScribe is set to reach the Billboard Top 100.



xtended Bio:

DeScribe (Shneur Hasofer) was born in Australia in 1982 into a musical hassidic family; his mother is an internationally renowned Singer/Songwriter. He was a drummer from birth, so his parents sent him to drum school at the young age of 5 years. By age 9, he had already made recordings in the studio for his mother's albums, was performing at functions and parties, and was even flown to the Island of Tasmania to perform. By 12 years of age, he was a soloist singing duets with known Jewish superstars in front of thousands of people. After turning 14 years old, Hasofer left home to find his own identity, traveling to Israel on his own to find answers and start his journey.

Hasofer found it his mission to exploring vast facets of life from street life to luxury and the high life, and at just 17 years old in 2000 he joined the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) as a combat sharpshooter serving for 3 years at the height of the Entifada. While serving in the Israeli army, he experienced intense action sometimes on a daily basis. After being discharged, he started 2 companies in Israel. In the meantime, he also began working his way up into the party scene in Israel by organizing a concert tour of the well known Hip Hop stars of the Wu-Tang Clan (Remedy & Killah Priest). Through the experience of watching the recording sessions by day and the shows by night, he got an inside view of the Hip Hop scene.

Hard times struck and after falling into a deep pit, he called out to G-D as a last resort and had his prayers miraculously answered.

Now, Hasofer is an observant Chabad Hasidic Jew operating a studio in New York where he produces and records his own unique style of Hip Hop, "Music with a Message." His personal experiences as well as Hasidic directives of the Lubavitcher Rebbe (Spiritual Leader) are transmitted in a language for all people of all races- Hip Hop.

Erez Safar
Shemspeed PR