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Dreams in Static conjures up the aesthetic of James Bond, Prefuse 73, & Pulp Fiction. Each song is the soundtrack to a film in a genre of its own. This is music that exists beyond pop and yet overflows with it.

Serene Poetic strikes a balance between Diwon, a Brooklyn-based hip-hop producer, and Dugans, a multifaceted guitarist-composer from Texas. Using live drums, samplers, analog synths, electric pianos and guitars, Dreams in Static transcends genres and breathes new life and depth with each subsequent listen. The album teems with life, beauty and depth; it's an instrumental masterpiece that resurrects live instrumental music and guitar-based symphonies. It pops in a world where popular music has been left in a state of static.

If hip-hop is dead to the underground and rock is dead to the mainstream, "Serene Poetic" resurrects the two and blends their elements into a single sonic sonnet.


Based in the stereophonic heart of Brooklyn, world music maestro Diwon (aka Erez Safar) is one of the most innovative and versatile Producers and DJs performing and recording music today.  Diwon’s beats are strongly influenced by the musical traditions of his mother’s family, whose roots lie in Yemen. He blends Yemenite music with electro hip-hop and cinematic psychadelia, and draws inspiration from the Middle Eastern musical canon. A prolific producer, Diwon releases a clutch of albums every year. The last twelve months has seen The Beat Guide to Yiddish, the quirky Rarities & Remixes and the hour-long meditation Shir Ha Shirim (The Song of Songs), mixing heartfelt Moroccan song with hypnotic hip-hop, rock, and Middle Eastern beats. Diwon is currently completing the revolutionary hip hop record This is Unity with acclaimed multilingual MC Y-Love, as well as working on his own records, Diwon Riddim and Others, which will feature vocalists and rappers from across the globe, including the white-hot Sizzla. Diwon’s music brings to mind a Brooklyn-based hybrid of the best elements of Diplo and Cheb i Sabbah.  URB magazine listed him amongst their NEXT 1000 and wrote that "Diwon is something else…in a profound kind of way", calling his sound titillating and ‘juicy for the ears’, while The Village Voice described his producing as 'adventurous and banging'. CBS featured Diwon as part of their Faith, Music and Culture series and he has made appearances on NPR, PBS, and BBC World. His slamming live sets include a diverse mix of singers and live musicians, creating an unrivalled festival vibe with an explosive blend of world music, hip hop, and jazz.

Dugans a guitar slinging song writer who is known for the symphonic sounds and layering he is able to lay down with just one guitar. Dugans spent over 10 years on in the Austin music scene playing night after night in house bands and his own groups, he then moved to NYC to further his niche sound. The dark and ambient sounds that Dugans places as a bed for his melodic lines create strong and complex compositions that compliment the various projects he co-produces. The first of which is Raliss, an art rock and pop duo based in London and NYC. Dugans also has an ongoing project along with yemenite hip hop artists, Diwon called "Dreams in Static" the two produce cinematic noir records. Most recently though, Dugans has been co-producing Hebrew records with artists such as Benyamin Brody and Mordechai Friedman.



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