Exclusive Sneak Peek into the “Harmony” Music Video Shoot!

Yesterday was a crazy day at the Shemspeed Music Video shoot for DeScribe’s “Harmony” single. It was the last day of shooting and the camera along with its owner headed to Mexico for a last second trip. And so DeScribe & Diwon headed to the city to try and save the day and rent one, but despite it looking like the place had the right camera and specs, it just wasn’t happening due to serious technical issues. Meanwhile at the shoot people were turning up on the other side of town and calling to find out why the talent was MIA from the shoot. Diwon was sitting in the gettaway vehicle feeling down on his luck when all of sudden DeScribe jumps into the car and yells, “go, go, go, don’t look back, just drive fast”. Diwon thinks, ‘wait, what just happened?? did he just? Looking behind in fear that there was a mob coming after the car.   No way…he couldn’t have…wait,…” and as all sort of stories pop into Diwon’s mind, DeScribe says, “Lenny called, he just got his hands on the same model camera randomly, this second.” We speed off to Dumbo and meet up with a bunch of the extended Shemspeed fam for the next installment of the Harmony and Unity shots. The shoot went off without a hitch and was much more successfull than originally planned. The moral – Everything is for the good and everything that G-D does is the best possible thing that could be, even when we don’t see it at first. This video is the face of a revolutionary movement.

One Family

Stay tuned and click here, to view photos!

* be on the look out for the “Harmony” Video & Single in early 2010


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