Below, you will find download links to the hottest new mp3s of some of our artists. Some of these mp3s are rough mixes of upcoming songs, so please do not share this link with anyone else. Thanks!

Y-Love (revolutionary Jewish hip-hop) 
http://hulkshare.com/in4mwr3cjj23 (password: shem)

Brody (spiritually infused world hip-hop)
http://hulkshare.com/hd2ilznxattn (password: shem)

DeScribe (soul-awakening dancehall, hip-hop, & soul)
http://hulkshare.com/rbeq119aju88 (password: shem)

Shi 360 (hard-hitting Israeli hip-hop)
http://hulkshare.com/51x152hqu15z (password: shem)

and of course, Diwon mixtapes:

. “SABRA SESSIONS” (the Israeli club Diwon mixtape) – 

. “CHULO” (Diwon’s electronic mixtape)

. “IT IS WHAT IT ISRAEL” (Diwon Israel remixes mini mixtape)

In the meantime, I wanted to make it easy for you all to stay up to date on our artists and their touring schedule. We have set up two pages so you can see who will be available in the next couple of months. The page includes bios, links to music videos, and audio players for each artist, as well as links to their artist press kits and to their speaker/workshop press kits.

ARTISTS ON TOUR PAGE – www.shemspeed.com/ontour

PROGRAMMING INFO – www.shemspeed.com/programming

Below, you will find a little taste of what we’ve been doing recently: