Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

We were just in Boston with DeScribe & Diwon for their morning coffee show and all the sudden this catchy hipster song comes on and we are all trying to figure it out. It’s so catchy and we love it and we have heard it a bunch, but we couldn’t think who it was. It wasn’t Bon Iver, because it was far to poppy, but it wasn’t Coldplay because it was far too indie, then a woman turns to us and says, “it’s Landon Pigg…sorry to bud in, but I love this song and I heard you all trying to remember the name.” We turn to Diwon and say, “dude, you and your wife are in this video and it was directed by Lenny Bass, the Shemspeed video director. how could you not remember, man!” Then we thought about his work/sleep schedule and figured it sort of made sense that he would have forgotten. Anyway, check it out for yourself at 3:32, Shemspeed’s Erez & Nina Safar make a cameo.


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