Gaslamp Killer

I remember meeting this dude a year and a half ago outside my hotel in Miami during WMC. He looked just like my hardcore hipster, hardcore Jewish friend Berel and so I was like, “dude, you gotta take a photo with me”. He told me he goes by Gaslamp Killer. If I didnt know he was referring to, ‘in the dj scene’, I probably would have ran, but we were in miami for one of the biggest dj conferences, so I was like, “tight”. He was like, “yea, I dj with a mic and scream it out over tracks, so everyone remembers my name”. Fast forward a year and the dude is picked up by turntablelab, the most prestigious record shop in the world ? and I notice that they are selling Shepard Fairey posters for SXSW with Diplo, Shepard himself as DJ Diabetic and none other than, the Gas Lamp Killer himself! Dude is making moves! It was around that time that Shepard picked him up for his Obey Records. If you still don’t know Shepard of Obey is probably the most amazing artist of our time and the designer behind Obama’s HOPE image. If you are in Israel this week check out GLK djing at BLOCK in Jerusalem on the 4th and SPICE in Tel Aviv on the 5th.



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