geshSMOC’s taste: Daniel Harris

Thirty-Two Bit Isn't Really Eight Bits Better
Daniel Harris
Thirty-Two Bit Isn’t Really Eight Bits Better

For satisfied customers of: Jose Gonzalez, Sufjan Stevens, and Death Cab for Cutie.

Ever wonder what a snow day would sound like?

A fresh blanket of dazzling Winter white tucks nature into bed, putting work or school on hold for the day, and you can already smell a fresh cup of hot cocoa wafting into your room.

If a snow day as perfect as this were put into music, this is nearly what Thirty Two Bit Isn’t Really Eight Bits Better would sound like. As a whole, this solo project helmed by Daniel Harris may unthinkably come across as too mellow even for the most impassioned melodic crowd, but there are some gems worthy of complementing a relaxing late morning brunch. Better yet, the free-spirited acoustic spell Harris casts with a homemade, accessible arrangement of guitar, accordion, banjo, and more could color in a ginger ambiance of a feel-good sitcom moment (“Elephant” in particular would be perfect for a show like Scrubs, perhaps – the resonance of Harris’ vocals here reminds me of Jose Gonzalez’s cover of the Knifes’ “Heartbeats”).

Tread softly with Harris’ “Elephant” and sip a little “Lima” with the new-and-improved geshSMOC’s taste player right here!

NOTE: geshSMOC’s taste player will always serve the freshest course of the taste, so if you’re catching up with leftovers, skip ahead a few tracks to find your just desserts.

Bottom Line: Harris may be so chill, you’ll get hypothermia. Mellow out with caution.


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