geshSMOC’s taste of the week (6.1.08)

This is Babylon
This is Babylon
label: modular moods

For satisfied customers of: Snoop Dogg, Beck, and Breez Evaflowin’.

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What can be said about this hip-hoppin’ Chasid that hasn’t been said already?

New music media outlets everywhere are ablaze in praise for Y-Love (nee’ Yitz Jordan) and his welcome fresh take on a genre that arguably gets a bad rap for bleak diatribes of hard knock lives, demeaning depictions of women, flagrant flashes of violence, and shallow “bling” materialism. Anyone tempted to write off hip-hop expression thanks to such stark themes that too often simmer in the top 40 skillet is in for a sweet treat with This is Babylon, however, in which Y-Love masterfully busts rhymes that not only recognize hard times, but rhymes that go the extra mile to throw down clarion calls for unity and peaceful coexistence that incite anyone listening to stop talking and start acting. This is Babylon is no mere soapbox, however; the true icing on the cake is how Y-Love practices what he preaches by seamlessly layering each slice of provocative criticism and challenge in each track with rich diversity in languages, thereby sprinkling in the notion that communication is indeed the key to bringing people together to make positive change happen in our world.

Crank up “Bump” and spread Y-Love “From Brooklyn to Ramle” here with the Shemspeed Player!

NOTE: The Shemspeed Player will always serve the freshest course of the taste, so if you’re catching up with leftovers, skip ahead a few tracks to find your just desserts.

Bottom Line: Why love Y-Love? With constructive calls for social change lambasted linguistic, marinating in Jake Break‘s tight production and DJ Handler’s sonic vibes, why not?

Choice Cuts for Radio: 2-5, 10, 12

Newcomers would do well to “Check the Technique” all the way “From Brooklyn to Ramle” for a taste of Y-Love’s language barrier breaker, while DJs hungry for a new way to elevate the dance floor have the sly “Bump” and irresistible “Bring it on Down” to “Keep the Party Divine.”


This review is dedicated to my wonderful grandmother, who lost her ongoing battle with cancer just shortly after the first taste made its debut on Shemspeed. Although she did not like hip-hop or rap much, she would have been a huge fan of Y-Love‘s positive messages of unity and peace among different groups of people, and that is why this dedication is appropriate.

Bubby, your love will forever be music to my ears.


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