geshSMOC’s taste of the week (7.27.08)

Alan Cohen Experience
label: FamJam

For satisfied customers of: Neil Young, Trey Anastasio, and the Transmundane Strangers.

If Neil Young was your summer camp counselor, this is what he’d sound like.

First off, forgive the brief hiatus, but don’t worry — geshSMOC’s not going on any diet from scarfing up the latest and greatest in Jewish music any time soon. Last time the taste was served, we stepped off at the Family Junction to sample some Boston-bred instrument swapping tunes all ages to enjoy. This week, we’re privileged to have a second course of sorts with one of the Family‘s solo shots, the Alan Cohen Experience.

While the name may suggest some wild fusion of sorts is on tap, the Alan Cohen Experience is no dressed-up dining hall mystery meat, but rather a more intimate acoustic set laden with kid tested, mother approved bit-sized lessons in political science. As a whole, the album may not be as charged or climate-changing as some of the subjects of Cohen’s class have been in history, but these Revolutions are tailor-made to stir constantly in your brain rather than sit to stew and boil. Summer camp counselors, feel free to take Revolutions for a ride before lights out or while your edah is huddled around a campfire – maybe the kids will learn a lil’ somethin’ somethin’.

Bust out acoustic sing-a-longs on “Pharoah” and “Che” with the Alan Cohen Experience here with the Shempseed Player!

NOTE: The Shemspeed Player will always serve the freshest course of the taste, so if you’re catching up with leftovers, skip ahead a few tracks to find your just desserts.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an acoustic and educational romp through biographical history set for any age that steers well clear of being too kiddy or corny, circle up with the Revolutions that the Alan Cohen Experience brings.

Choice Cuts for Radio: 1 (and 9, which is an alt take of 1), 5-7

“Revolutions” and the “Outro” complete the loop served chilled with “The French Revolution,” “Pharoah,” and “Che” in every scoop.

As Bubby would say, try it, you’ll like it!

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