Go to and you will be greated with an abstract space background and the words, “You are about to became aware of the UNKOWN or at least someting only a few dudes know”. And then it hits…From the creators of Remember six years back when Home Starrunner and Real Ultimate Power were the coolest things ever? No? Well, they were! Strong Bad ( would read ridiculous emails miss-pronouncing all typos in his deep weirdo voice and they would have skits that made you come back every week as they were updated. Wait, this post is about RealUltimatePower and their new book, Ghost/Aliens. Well, RUP (I don’t think any fans referred to them as RUP, btw) would talk about how Ninja’s were the coolest things alive and that it was a fact that they were awesome and that they were mammals. They would write stories about how Ninja’s were crazy and sometimes have first accounting of stories such as the famous one where someone was at a restaurant and dropped a fork and all the sudden a Ninja came out of nowhere and beat him up and how it was totally awesome. Everything is from a 3rd grade perspective and well, totally awesome. If this isn’t ammusing to you at all, don’t buy this book at and don’t click ont he CIA link…


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