Hasidim Rock the Lady Gaga on MTV

Weird, right after we blog the Y-LoveKosha DillzDiwonLady Gaga mash, we find MTV blogging this other Lady Gaga mash with shout outs to Kosha Dillz. ch-ch-ch-eck this out!

“>MTV Writes: Happy Pesach, y’all!

As Jewish music fans around the world observe the holiday commemorating the biblical event of Hebrew’s escape from slavery in Egypt, this YouTube video of a Jewish Orthodox wedding band playing a rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” is going “viral” as we believe is the vernacular. The dynamic duo creating this homage flipped the song’s lyrics and made it into the bride and groom’s (Shaya and Perry) entrance music.

Take that, Matisyahu! (We kid! We kid!)

Speaking of famous Jewish rappers, our new best friend Kosha Dillz has seen the wedding video and tells us, “All I can say is (1) great trumpet players, (2) No Shame (3) and this wedding band probabaly has more hits on YouTube than any band I know, so for Shaya and Perry — Mazel Tov to that!.”

Mr. Dillz reflects for a moment and adds, “I do realize that if my career goes completely sour, there are other outlets I can resort to that many artist wont be able to go into!”

But just when you were thinking “wow a Jewish themed Lady Gaga tribute, that’s unique”, guess again. Check out Sheer Music’s “Kosher Face” which sums up Pesach in one tidy sentence: “The moral to our story is we fought, we won, let’s eat.”

check the MTV blog post, here.


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