Shemspeed is now working with Hillels worldwide, and their budgets, on their upcoming events for the semester. Our Israeli and Jewish rock, hip hop and electronic artists are touring college campuses right now. We would love to help you plan your next big event! If you let us know what type of event you would like to plan and your budget, We will help you select an artist that would best fit your needs.

Shemspeed an independent recording label and artists' promotional agency. Our mission is to combine passionate performances with cutting edge, Jewish musicians that include powerful, thought-provoking, and innovative Jewish programming.

We provide the most exciting and up to date entertainment for Jewish organization's. We offer a wide range of musicians & programming, from fun parties in clubs to educational workshops. Navigate through the top menu for information on some of Shemspeed's artists and past exciting events held in both educational settings as well as entertaining concerts!

We could be reached by email or phone at:
Erez: erez@shemspeed.com | 718.290.5372
Nina: nina@shemspeed.com | 718.687.2737

"Shemspeed is a one stop shop for an amazing Jewish experience. They are professional and understand the needs of a college campus. Shemspeed gave our students an evening of authentic (and fun!) connection to their Jewish roots that they were talking about for weeks."
- Gordan Dale, Program Associate, Tufts U ( see our events page, for more quotes from Hillel students and staff!