Israeli/American DJ, Diwon, tours college campuses worldwide. We want every campus to be involved, and we will be working with everyones budgets to make sure that your students can participate! Diwon has toured the world mixing Israeli music into dance tracks creating both positive and festive Jewish and Israeli parties and has remixed Idan Raichel, Matisyahu, Yael Naim as well as Mosh Ben Ari. Chopping up and remixing Hebrew records to the style of all sorts of popular music. The Sabra Sessions makes for a festive and energetic blend into Israeli culture, Hebrew music, and the sounds that move people to dance floors worldwide. The result is a whirlwind party that brings the Sabra Sounds to the students.

Download the offical mixtape: www.shemspeed.com/downloadit/sabra


The designer, Baruch, of the first-ever Israeli Keffiyeh, along with Diwon, the famous American-Israeli DJ/Producer extraordinaire behind the Shemspeed entertainment group, will be touring colleges, clubs, orgs and the like this year. We’ll be working with venues and groups to raise funds for Haiti, Magen David Adom, Jewish life on campus** or whatever your favorite cause is.

Check out the Keffiyeh at http://thekef.com

Here is how it works - there will be two events available:
A. Costumize your own Keffiyeh
B. Workshops on various topics of your choosing.
C. World & Israeli music party.

more info at http://thekef.com/workshops


SHEMSPEED'S 40 DAYS 40 NIGHTS TOUR roots + rock + reggae + rap *

for this years second annual tour the 40 will focus on Israeli music and Israeli focused workshops. SHEMSPEED’s 40 Days / 40 Nights Tour is an interactive, live music festival stopping at 30 colleges nationwide, exposing college students to the breadth and depth of Jewish music. An exciting tour flooded with entertainment and education, the NIGHTS will be packed with unforgettable performances infused with learning from the cutting edge of Jewish musicians while the DAYS will be filled with sessions and workshops led by the musicians themselves on songwriting, music marketing, and spirituality on the road.

info at www.shemspeed.com/40


Bring the Sephardic Music Festival to your! Founded by American-Israeli producer, Diwon, The Sephardic Music Festival is an eight night Chanukah celebration which takes place at numerous venues around New York City. The festival showcases the latest Sephardic musical talents from all over the world, including Mizrahi, Yemenite, and Ladino traditions. The SMF highlights the diversity that exists within the Sephardic branch of Jewish culture and history by showcasing today's Sephardic musical talents in the United States. The evenings range from Middle Eastern parties to educational workshops including, the Sephardic Scholar Series which assembles a panel of ethnomusicologists and performers to discuss the roots of sounds being presented. Other Jewish music festivals have mostly been dominated by Ashkenazic (Eastern European) beats and melodies, whereas the SMF is the first to exclusively focus on Sephardic tunes and culture. Past performers have included Yair Dalal, Ex-Shotei Hanevua, Hadag Nachash, Matisyahu, Electro Morocco, Pharaoh's Daughter & Diwon.

info: www.sephardicmusicfestival.com


Chavlaz is a celebration of Israel and all the amazing culture that has come from the land, particularly in the past 60 years. Diwon, who has been dubbed "the ambassador of Israeli hip hop to the US," spins Israeli, Sephardic, Balkan, Mizrachi and revolutionary Jewish hip hop music, transforming any US setting resemble the most lively festivals abroad.


The Bhangra, Baile Funk, New Mediterranio & Afro Beat Party VJs + DJs in their pjs, Belly Dancers, Live Drummers A party unlike any other in the city. Village Voice dubbed the Balagan party, “Stereotype-defying music.” and the NY Time Out made it their critic's pick. Come see what all the fuss is about.


"Eli Yale's Bar Mitzvah party was one of Yale's best parties of the semester thanks to DJ Diwon. He spun the perfect mix of songs from the 90s and today, in addition to some great jams from Israel and the Shemspeed record label." - Yael Zinkow, Yale

"Thanks so much for sending us your superstar! I look forward to watching the career of this talented musician. I will happily give my recommendation to anyone to take Eprhyme and, I am personally inspired by him as well." - Ephraim Kamin, Stanford University Rabbi

"Shemspeed is a one stop shop for an amazing Jewish experience. They are professional and understand the needs of a college campus. Shemspeed gave our students an evening of authentic (and fun!) connection to their Jewish roots that they were talking about for weeks."
- Gordan Dale, Program Associate, Tufts University

"They were Kabbalistic, boombastic and rhyth-mystic- in line with the youths moves and grooves - a winning performance!"
- Rabbi Snir Bitton (The Chai Center, Montreal) 

"Y-Love was Great! Everyone was enthralled with the whole band, it was really something to see all those raps with Aramaic! Diwon really a pleasure to deal with. Came on time setup and played till no one could dance anymore!" - Rabbi Zev Wineberg (Chabad of Long Island City)

"It was a great show. Y-Love rocked the house and our students loved him." 
- David Hollander, Columbia