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The Shemspeed College Sampler is a free download of Israeli, Moroccan, Electronic, Folk and Jewish Hip Hop songs for you all to pass around to students and staff in charge of programming events. We know you will be blown away by the variety of incredible music on the CD and you could download it all free! The Sampler features the hottest tracks from Y-Love, Diwon, DeScribe, Brody, Dov, Levi Mordechai, Brody, Electro Morocco, Darshan, Eprhyme, Smadar, and more. Download the Sampler now and pass it around to students and staff in charge of programming.

(note: this download is not for the public)

1. Right Click The Download Link
2. Click "Save Target As Or Save Link As"

1. Simply click on Download Link & accept download
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Shemspeed is more than just an independent ecord label & promo company that throws parties around the world. We are a company becoming synonymous with unifying people through culture and education, celebrating diversity and common ground.

But for now you can pretend we just throw parties — grab your free download of Shemspeed Remixes, Volume 1 featuring tracks that have taken our artists and their music across the globe.

The 26 tracks in this volume feature remixes of some of our favorite artists from all genres, from Major Lazer & Damian Marley to Idan Raichel & Nicki Minaj.

Mediafire: www.mediafire.com/?15cv6acnpcak73w
Divshare: www.divshare.com/download/13936733-71d

* simply click on one of the links above, then click on the download link and the .zip will automatically download to your computer