Hot Progeny: Zoë Kravitz of Elevator Fight

We have an office crush on Zoë Kravitz, not that she works in this office, but she should! The daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet (Cosby show) is in the new Xmen movie that’s out in theaters now. She also is the front woman of her Philly band, Elevator Fight. Check out their track, “Little Ghost”

Rolling Stone named Zoe one of ‘The Hottest Breakout Stars of 2011’: “Maybe the roles come to her because of her choppy-haired, tattooed, rockerish vibe (she and her dad got matching ink for his birthday last year, and she fronts a punky band called Elevator Fight). Kravitz, who grew up with her mom in L.A. after her parents divorced, and moved to New York with dad in her adolescence, has wanted to act since infancy. “I’d stage performances in my grandparents’ living room, charging them and their friends one-dollar admission,” she recalls. “Real Jewy, huh?” (Part Jewish, she identifies as a secular Jew.) Her highest-profile role yet comes in June, as insecure fly-mutant Angel Salvadore in X-Men: First Class. “I wasn’t a comic-book geek growing up, but I was a giant theater geek,” she says. “Which is just as bad.”
originally posted in Rolling Stone

p.s. don’t miss their live show, beyond being epic, you might catch some people you know…Drake was at their show last week in Brooklyn.


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