Indila – “Dernière Danse” (Diwon Remix ft. Drumaan & Nathan Sela)

Indila-Remix2Fresh off Diwon’s all instrumental album, dubbed “Pre-Game,” the Los Angeles based producer flips the script with a french remix that bridges Edith Piaf, Beck, and Daft Punk. “Dernière Danse” is a remix of French R&B singer, Indila, accompanied by Nathan Sela and Drumaan who caught Diwon’s attention as the winner of Diwon’s rock project, Dreams in Statics’ remix contest. The original “Dernière Danse” charted in France reaching the SNEP Top 2 and currently has over 145 million plays on youtube. This remix re-introduces this lush track to worldwide audience that favor breakbeats and synths with their melodic serenity. 



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