Introducing JewDa Maccabi

We were introduced to JewDa Maccabi with his Iron Like a Lion, reggea hip hop joint after Matis hit the scene and it was like, um cool? We weren’t sure what to make of it. It was kind of like Eminem’s “My Name is Slim Shady” for the Yeshiva brethren, an introduction? a manifesto? Either way, we had no idea what the future would bring from this Chabanik. Fast forward to 5768 and we got “Israelite” an MTV style production of him and his thugged out lookin Jew crew. It’s all very RAP and goyish. What’s very very not Goyish is his cameo in Shnuer “DeScribe” Hasofer’s Ani Maamin video. He sounds hella cool with his confident and slow rappin style. Plus, what’s more yiddish then singing, “Ani Maamin Be Emuna Sheleyma, Beviat HaMashiach, Ani Maamin”. Lets see what’s next, but for now, you got 3. click here for the Ani Maamin video

– Guy Emanuel


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