Introducing Mayer Hawthorne

Andrew Cohen who was just an obscure DJ sent some tracks, thinking nothing of it, to Peanut Butter Wolf of Stones Throw. PBW didn’t even believe it was him and was taken by the tracks right away. “He showed me two songs and I didn’t understand what I was listening to,” Wolf recalls. “I asked him if they were old songs that he did re-edits of – I couldn’t believe they were new songs and that he played all the instruments.” And after meeting in person, it was even harder for Wolf to believe that Hawthorne was also the lead vocalist. Few expect such heartfelt sentiment to come from a 29-year-old white kid from Ann Arbor, but he has caught the ear of his family at Stones Throw, as well as BBC Radio 1 host Gilles Peterson and producer/DJ Mark Ronson. Fast forward to now and Cohen who goes by Mayer Hawthorne (his middle name and the name of the street he grew up on) is the soul-singing new hipster child of Stones Throw. Riding on the popularity of Amy WInehouse and the new soul doo wop movement, Hawthorne has been embraced by magazines and fans alike. WATCH THIS VIDEO CLIP OF HIM BARBERSHOP QUARTETING.

Look out on Sept 9th for his “A STRANGE ARRANGEMENT” debut record.


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