Israel Day Parade Recap

This years float variety was impressive. Between Joshua Nelson and his Kosher Gospel singers and Miri Ben Ari and her Hip Hop Violinist shtick, I feel like there was a bit of diversity. I even so some pop and lock kids along with a drum crew for Jewish organ Donors. The part that lacked diversity was the Concert at Summer Stage. If you were some clueless Jewish kid wanting to check out what Israel was all about and went to this Israel Day Concert, you would have thought Israel was a bunch of American white orthodox people. I thought that was very lame, but was still cool to see so many Jews of every type all around, just would have been nice to get some of them on stage to represent. Because of this, we did not take any photos of the performances, but instead of all the beautiful colorful peoples in the crowd….

click below to see the rest of dem Photos!


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