‘Israeli Songs To Fight Cancer, Volumes 1 & 2’ Released on iTunes by Pioneers For A Cure

Pioneers For A Cure – Songs To Fight Cancer is the largest showcase of cancer charities on the web. Called ‘A stellar model of artist-driven grassroots philanthropy’ by National Geographic, the non-profit project records public domain songs, reinterpreted and made available for donations of as little as $1.99. This treasure trove of over 100 songs has been recorded by dozens of artists from around the world including Suzanne Vega, Ben E. King, Y-Love, Diwon and David Broza. Fine artist Mira Sasson has painted the Pioneer Portraits of the singers, which are made available as US Postage Stamps to fight cancer. Proceeds from song downloads are donated to artist-selected cancer charities such as the American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Susan G. Koman for the Cure.

‘Israeli Songs To Fight Cancer – Volume 1’ can be found on iTunes and includes an expiremental settler track by Y-Love & Diwon as well as a stellar live rendition of HaTikvah by Dov Rosenblatt feat. Diwon, Greg Wall & The Pioneer Ensemble to benefit Israel Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Support now at pioneersforacure.org


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