Jewish Music Report

Imagine a CMJ for people who have never heard of CMJ. Then check out this site, It’s for the Lipa Shmeltzer’s of the world. The graphics are great. In fact I’m very impressed usually the frum music world is 20 years behind wait, 120 years behind the rest of us when it comes to art. Ahron Moeller, the lead singer of Blanket Statemenstein has a song about their graphic technique of choice, it’s called the “Floating Head”….which is where you take the head of each performer and put it on a poster. I remember Y-Love saying that his music doesn’t involve “trumpets and little boys” and is more “Hot97 than 1897” which a lot of the frum world is still stuck on. Not trying to hate. Who doesn’t love Lipa? He is amazing. I’m actually trying to say it’s surprising and refreshing to see a website promoting frum music to the frum world that has graphics that could match the secular world. Click to the site to hear audio interviews, to check out new videos and read reviews of some of the latest “frum” music which for those that don’t know means ‘nu-pop-cantorial singing and keyboards’.

– guy emanuel


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