Jewlicious pt. 2 4.0

We really do feel honored to have been a part of Jewlicious this year and especially today. Matisyahu was scheduled to speak on spirituality which was exciting since he doesn’t public speak much (at least not that we know of). As he took his seat next to Adam Weinberg, who was to accompany him on guitar for an unplugged set, he announced that he is not much of a speaker and would be playing songs and get words of Torah if the mood was felt all around…The mood was definitely felt when he jumped into classics such as “King Without a Crown” and “Jersualem”. Those songs performed with just a guitar and his heart pulsating through his voice were beautiful. The classic moments were the Q&A session and when he was set to close off on a special song that Adam arranged. In the midst of singing his heart out, he stopped Adam and …well, we don’t want to ruin it. Check these clips below!

Matisyahu and Adam Weinberg:


Matisyahu performs & speaks “King without a Crown” unplugged (accompanied by Adam Weinberg on guitar):

Matisyahu & Adam Weinberg “Jerusalem”:

Y-Love plays Rhythm and Blues:

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