knock knock ? Matisya!

ANYWAY, No JOKE! I just got this email. I won’t say from whom and I will not reveal their ideas, but check out this for an introduction!
“Hi Erez,

I have seen the Ylove, Yatisyahu and Idan reichel show- GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to call you on the phone, it is more serious for such an issue, but I don’t have your number so I am writing. (can you send me your number?)

I have an idea that can bring both of us profit. I will summarize it in one sentence:“Connect me to Matisyahu, whatever profit that will come from this connection we will share” (we will do that with contract and everything!!!)”

NOTE: I did not pass his info on, nor will I, so don’t hit me up for it. but I do still love you all.

p.s. good luck to Matisyahu who is in Jamaica mixing his upcoming album!
p.p.s. if you did not see the video of our SHow with Idan Raichel where we had Matisyahu and Y-Love jump on stage, check it out…its classic!


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