Kosha Dillz Movie + Free MP3 with Rza & Kool G Rap

The New York Love Songs presents a story of talent, resilience, religion, pride and above all, HUSTLE. Rami Even-Esh aka Kosha Dillz, is “the hardest working guy in the music business” according to many of his peers. With over 150 shows a year from synagogues to dive bars and world re-known venues, battle championships, and more. Here is the story…about all that…the roller-coasters…and all the people you see on the ride and off it.

The same day this trailer hit youtube, The Rza, one of our favorite producers and music personalities (Wu-Tang Clan, Funny People), tweeted out a WuWednesday Free Download of a track he did with Kosha & Kool G Rap! This is what RZA wrote: “HERE’S A DEMO OF A SONG WE MADE ABOUT A YEAR AND A HALF AGO AT MY EAST COAST STUDIO 36 EAST. IT’S FEATURING KOSHA DILLZ ONE OF THE RAWEST JEWISH KIDS I KNOW PROVING AGAIN THAT HIP HOP COMES IN ALL SHAPES, SIZES, FORMS AND RACES… I THOUGHT I’D SHOW HIM SOME LOVE. THE VERY SPECIAL GUEST FEATURED ON THIS TRACK IS ONE OF THE ILLEST OF ALL TIME KOOL G RAP.”

[form 10 “RZA”]


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