Lil Wayne ft Shyne, Bun B, Nas, & Busta Rhymes

Weezy brings on Shyne, Bun B, Nas, & Busta Rhymes to conclude the standard version of his Carter 4 album. Look out for that and Shyne’s upcoming collab with Matisyahu.

Check out Shyne’s lyrics from the Weezy track below:

I’m a villain, I’m a villain, all that happens in the street
Poverty and desperation made me everything I be
I’m a shotta, when I pop up with them poppers burn ya block up
Call the judges, call the coppers, we takin’ over Gotham
Word to Poppa
Blood gang, five! It’s that Blood gang, five, but green is the bottom line
I run this town, I ain’t gon’ lie, they run they mouth, they ain’t gon’ fight
They actin’ like they ain’t gon’ die until I let them llamas fly
Flatbush to Bed-do-or-die, from Watts to Larry Hoover Chi
Poverty and heroine, it’s no place for a juvenile
Put greed in our heart, it’s the green that we want
Cash Money is the company and Weezy the boss!


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