Lipa Schmeltzer Rap

If Lipa Shmeltzer was to write a rap all about himself, which he did, it will go like this;

So, you’re plotzing to know
what I’m all about?

Wanna glimpse inside,
just to check me out?

Wanna shmooze the details,
and get the scoop?

Wanna spread Lipa gossip
throughout your group?

Wanna sneak a peek, spy, pry, and snoop,
To consider yourself ‘in the Lipa loop’?

I’ll give you a heads-up – here’s the Lipa spin:
If you’re outta the action, and wanna get in,

Just listen to my 8 great CD releases;
With each one, you’ll notice, the thrill just increases.

Some songs are blockbusters, smash hits and showstoppers,
Some lyrics are bestsellers, epic chart-toppers;

Born March 17, 1978 –
But some say I still haven’t ‘grown up,’ to date.

As number eleven out of a full dozen,
Mein getreye mishpucha vel ich keinmal farluzzen.

My song styles tend to ‘drey yeddem ah kup’ –
My critics turn thumbs down, my fans say ‘thumbs up!’

Worldwide, I’m best known for unique compositions;
With tracks that are mind-blowing music renditions.

For all my successes, ‘ich dank nar dem Boreh,’
And for all my messes. ‘ich dank de kol koreh!’


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