Lipa’s steez

Besides this video being ultra cheesy and awesome, it promotes one of the biggest artists in the religious Jewish world. The ultra arthofox ban music that sounds new and commercial and try and only permit music that sounds “Jewish” which means music that Jews made that was influenced by non Jewish Eastern European made in the 1800s mostly. Using musical elements from say Britney Spears or Black Eyed Peas would be strictly prohibited. Lipa has been amazing at making his own rules while still being followed by the ultra abiders. He figures if these people are that hardcore they won’t know a Britney or Peas track anyway, so he covers their tracks with their instrumentals and sings in Yiddish. Earlier we posted his cover of Britney’s track “3” where he swaps the intro’s “1 2 3” lyrics for the Yiddish/German “Eins Svei Drei”, we are giving him the benefit of the doubt and thinking he doesn’t know from the Ménage à that its referring to. In closing, we love Lipa and think he should do an album with Y-Love & Diwon.


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