Matisyahu Contest

Ok, so I got the Matisyahu World email about some contest and as a curious Jew, I scrolled down to find out what the big fuss is about. It turns out that the Matisyahu team will be giving out a big package prize at each of the shows. I guess as a sort of Chanukah gift. I’m thinking….Sony! Ok, maybe a stereo. I mean the dude is on Sony, right? I think. right? well, before I go any further, you could Enter the contest here. As I scrolled through to find out if it was a TV or a stereo, I saw that it was neither, it was actually.

* A Personal Phone Call from Matisyahu!!
* Your name announced at the Festival of Lights
* Recording of the show where your name is drawn
* Festival of Light Poster signed by the whole band
* Matisyahu T-Shirt

I was left thinking:

* This is genius Jewish marketing. The person who dreamt this one up doesn’t have to even lay down a cent.
* When i saw the cell phone in the ad, i thought you won the cell phone. not got a call on your cell phone. i mean. heck that means it actually costs you money!
* If I had my choice of gifts, I would make it being the silent third party on that phone call. I mean, how awkward is that going to be….”Hi, this is Matisyahu. uh, you won. so let’s talk…how was your day today?”

– Guy Emanuel


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