Noa Eurovision

Noa, who I believe is a Yemenite singer, introduced Mira Awad (A Palestinian Christian) to the stage of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. They performed, “We Can Work It Out” by The Beatles. I always thought it would defeat the purpose to perform someone else’s song at a song contest. If they win, then its like they don’t win. It’s not called a Singing Contest. Well, I guess The Beatles could always use an award, so it’s pretty nice of them to perform their song.

I know, I know, the German contestants over the past few years haven’t exactly been great to begin with, so I tend to root for Israel anyway. If only we could get the Israeli contestants to come up with crappier contributions 1980s-style pop, fake boo.. ahemm.. blonde hair and a risqué dance performance…

This year, Israel is getting represented by Noa and (a Palestinian Christian as far as I’ve read), so, while I don’t know what song exactly they’ll be performing, this Beatles cover has made me smile:


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