Our Fav DeScribe & Y-Love Muralist drops a lil’ something for Def Jam

The Paley Center for Media enlisted the sonic contortionist & graphic skills of SpazeCraft One (see the mural designs in the Y-Love/DeScribe “MAKE IT” music video to the left) to lend an “authentic” artistic hand to their recent “DEF JAM Generation” article coinciding with the 2009 New York Comedy Festival featuring comedians Mike Epps and Tracy Jordan. The article brings a little light to the rising stardom of Comedians in the hiphop vernacular & owing much of their “hip-hop comedy” success to none other then def jam’s founder, Russell Simmons & the DEF JAM legacy of artists in media. For all the Shemspeed Daily fans, we are releasing a special listen into the process of the “period” music with these mini-samples additional music created 80’s, 90’s & 2000 vibe… for the article by our homie, SpazeCraft One.

Download the exclusive outtakes (HERE)


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