Pictures of Spiderman

This is a “that’s messed up man” situation. Basically this kid from a Yeshiva removed Obama’s note from the Kotel, immediately after Obama left. He then went to Maariv and they published the note for all to see. I could just see this kid rushing in thinking he got his “picture of Spiderman” and he was going to make it rich….probably not thinking that karma would b-slap is a$$ moments later. You could read more about all this mishugaas, here.

(Note: we are only posting the note since its already out there and for that reason only we don’t think we will get b-slapped)

On to musical things though….Shemspeed will be heading to London for the last week of August. For the Shemspeed Open Mic fans, the next one won’t be till September. But, don’t worry, we are throwing a big/FREE Shemspeed party at Supreme Trading on August 14th. Just two days before Y-Love and Diwon are rumored to perform for a Hasidic crowd in a club around Monsey. Shemspeed is now booking the Sephardic Music Festival, which will take place during the nights of Chanuka (Dec 20th-27th). For all updated click into the EVENTS section above.


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