Portman and Carmensita

Devendra Banhart is probably the biggest hipster alive today. He lives in the mountains half the time, but looks like he has the Williamsburg aesthetic down better than anyone in 11211. Well a few months ago he enlisted his girlfriend at the time, Natalie Portman, who was roommates with one of my friends at Harvard back in the day, to play the star role in his Hindu inspired music video. Apparently the video even pissed off some rabbi’s, cuz check this out, “Rabbi Jonathan Freirich advised that Portman really make use her time in shul atoning for offending Hindus for appearing in ex-boyfriend Devendra Banhart’s music video as Princess Carmensita Saplingita — a move that pissed off leading Hindu scholars for making a mockery of their religion.
The Rabbi said, “This video mocks a venerable religion. At this time of the Jewish High Holy days, when soul-searching and making of amends are recommended, Ms. Portman has the perfect opportunity to show her true feelings of inclusion and open-mindedness in apologizing for her participation in this video.” It’s one of the first times I’m hearing a “What Does This Mean for The Hindus” coming from a Rabbi.

– Guy Emanuel


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