Psst! Want a Free Ticket?

I’ve got this band called Good For the Jews – we make Jewish music for people who hate Jewish music. I’ll get to the free ticket thing in a minute.

Do you like to laugh? NPR called us “hilarious,” the Village Voice called us “wickedly hilarious,” the New Jersey Standard called us “hilariously boorish,” and the Philadelphia Weekly admitted that our music “has been called ‘hilarious’ from coast to coast.”

Do you like to drink? Do you live in New York City? Because we’re doing a show on Thursday night, September 24, at City Winery – which has many other kinds of beverages in addition to the excellent wines we’ll be drinking backstage. We will use comedy and music to celebrate the start of 5770, which certainly has a futuristic air about it. Take that, Andre 3000.

Do you like Jon Stewart? Because the Washington Post said we’re “part of the sharp, new and often politically incorrect take on the culture presented by such talents as Jon Stewart, Sacha Baron Cohen and Sarah Silverman,” and the Chicago Jewish News said our music “appeals to the same young-adult audience that eats up performers like Jon Stewart and Sarah Silverman.” We agree, “young-adult audience” is a skin-crawling

Do you have mixed feelings about Adam Sandler? Because phrase. The Onion described us thus: “Imagine Adam Sandler with a few additional IQ points,” and the Kansas City Pitch called us “better than Adam Sandler.” (You’d be shocked how many Jews there are in Kansas City. Seriously. It’s like a shtetl, but affluent.)

Even if you hate us, we have great guest stars for this show: Jessi Klein, whom you’ve seen on VH1’s “Best Week Ever”; Dan Naturman, who’s been on David Letterman and Conan O’Brien; and Shanya Ferm, a regular at Upright Citizens Brigade and Invite Them Up!

We also know that you’re probably unemployed and those $430 weekly UI checks barely cover the cost of your double lattes. So we’ve arranged for Jewcy readers to get a special discount: Buy one ticket, get one free. Call City Winery at (212) 608-0555 ex 714, and ask for the 2-for-1 deal using the password “HA for Rosh Hashanah.” Then you’ll have extra money to spend on a Good For the Jews t-shirt. Or wine.

Come see us. We’ll give you something to atone about.


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