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so, i just saw this blog called the “ignoblus, for the moment” which describes itself as, “Mostly about antisemitism, other racisms, Buddhism, and perhaps sometimes football. When I was in high school, I found that Ignatius literally meant “not ignoble,” and it struck me just how pompous such a double negative can be. I’d rather remind myself that I, unlike the popes, am fallible. Even when I’m wearing my pope-hat. Yes, I have a pope-hat.” and they just posted this:

The Beat Guide to Yiddish
If you haven’t heard Diwon’s The Beat Guide to Yiddish mixtape, download it for free! It’s as disjointed as any Jewish identity -pomo collage the way it’s supposed to be- perfect for a Yiddish EP by a guy who markets himself as “That Yemenite kid.”

well, feel free to grab and pass this around as a free chanukah gift.



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